Them There Records – Sampler 01


C45 Cassette. Sampler 01′ showcases 14 tracks from 11 artists hailing from both UK and US.


Musically, the tape ranges from sample-driven collage-pop to abstract hip-hop and textured ambience, with artists making use of dreamy reverbed vocals, warped analogue synths and heavily filtered drums. The result is a collection of tunes that are both strange and accessible, introverted yet searching for common connection, and looking to the future through a preoccupation with the past.

‘Pop oddities, indeed. This upstart label from the UK gathered eleven of the grooviest cats this side of chillwave for its inaugural compilation, and if it’s to be believed, there are fabulous things in our, the lucky listeners’, future. The clean, no-frills look allows the color to pop through like an acid trip, and the lysergic pop tones contained within wrap the whole thing up nicely.’ – Cassette Gods


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