Artwork for Trips, the latest E.P. by Raikes Parade

Raikes Parade (Andy Blundell) is a producer and fellow member of OneFiveEight and he’s fast becoming one of the ones to watch in Manchester 2012. Raikes has recently finished a European tour with fellow Mancunian drone sorcerers Gnod and supported Ninja tune legend Amon Tobin at Manchester Academy on his ISAM tour as part of the Future Everything festival.

Trips E.P.

Raikes Parade’s latest release, Trips, is a dubbed out journey conjured through MPC samplers, live instrumentation and various laptop wizardry. The music triggers dreamlike memories and transports the listener, as the name suggests, to another world.

Raikes Parade trips ep

The Artwork

I became inspired by the idea of being immersed within a memory, when designing the cover for Trips. The central figure is bathing in a sea of abstract image taken from some old 25mm footage (shouts to Mary Stark for that one). The image contains elements of children playing in the sea, something that I’m sure most of us can relate to. In this this case the figure is transported to a memory of her past, but when you listen to trips, where will it take you…

Trips CD design


Trips is available to stream from Raikes Parades mix cloud (link to follow soon they seem to be updating mixcloud today), or purchase on a special edition CD. Contact us to find out more.