Ruane Maurice

Ruane Maurice are Leon Ruane, David Caedus, and Matt Maurice — an experimental hip hop trio formed in Birmingham through a mutual love of classic hip hop, avant-garde sound design, and cutting-edge production.

With Caedus on live drums, Maurice on electronics, and Ruane on vocals, Ruane Maurice sidestep just about every genre convention one might associate with electronic hip-hop: “So much of the record is analogue,” Maurice recalls. “I was trudging around London with electromagnetic pickups and recording anything I could use, car alarms, weird clocks on the tube, snooker balls hitting together. A lot of our sounds are made that way, it’s not all MIDI,” Maurice continues. “Ruance Maurice is a band trying to bring together its interests in sonic arts, quick-fire MC’ing, and organic and immersive electronic production.”

Ruane Maurice also perform DJ sets…