Grid Reflux Logo by Infected By Design

This is the latest design project I just finished yesterday. I was approached by the dj ‘Grid Reflux’ and asked to produce a logo for him.

I was given almost complete freedom to create the images.  All he asked was that I use the colours black and green and approached it in my own Infected By Design style, making it bold and techy! 

Once I’d produced the main image and the client was happy with the font, I went on to create some variant designs with the type as the main feature, which could be shrunk down and still readable on an A6 flier.


The main image was hand drawn, then scanned in and live traced/coloured in Illustrator.  I then broke that down and used the ‘bits’ to create the backgrounds for the 3 type logos.

While I worked on the logo, I listened to Grid Reflux’s tunes for inspiration.  His genre of choice is dark drum and bass and the boy has some skills!

We chatted a lot throughout the project, which was a joy to work on and he was more than happy with the end results.

You should check out Grid Reflux’s music on Souncloud.