Raikes Parade presents Blunted in the Bedroom

Raikes Parade’s Blunted in the bedroom EP

‘Blunted in the Bedroom’ is a great taster of what Raikes is about, from dusty instrumental hip hop through to blissed out dub and electronica.

Blunted in the bedroom ep cover

Raikes Parade’s debut e.p. ‘Blunted In The Bedroom’ is the fusion of a multitude of genres and ideas. It’s not all that easy to describe without descending into the ever growing world of sub-genres. The overall sound and feel of the e.p is a kind of hybrid chilled-out down-tempo psychedelic dub indie. Which I know upon first reading doesn’t appear to make much sense or seem all that feasible but upon listening to ‘Blunted’ (which is available to stream from the music section on www.onefiveeight.co.uk). I hope you get a vague
understanding of what I’m babbling on about.

Ep artwork by fellow OneFiveEight member Luke Breen.