Untitled – Heather Fitt – Expo:03

The Piece – Mixed Media (Watercolour, Acrylic, Posca)

This is my interpretation of the track Marble Shards by Inky Aftermath (aka my pal Scotty Rawson), created as part of OneFiveEight‘s latest event Expo:03. There was around about 2 months between pulling a scrap of paper from a fellow OneFiveEighter’s hat and finding out the track I had landed and actually putting pen to paper so to speak. During that time I listened to the track many many times and every time I visualised what the track ‘looked like’ the same imagery came to the surface. I had long wanted to re-visit watercolour as a medium and this was a perfect starting point as it allowed me to experiment with different techniques before settling on the one that captured the softer side to the track. At the Expo it was a talking point whenever I was approached about my piece as many people thought that the crisp blue background had been achieved using a screen print. The Posca element to the piece worked really well as when using their pens over watercolour, the linework began to take on a hue of the blue under layer which changed tone dependent on how dark a tone I had achieved with the original watercolour. This added depth to the piece without me having to add any additional shading to beef up the feeling of dimensions.


The Track – Marble Shards by Inky Aftermath

The track is glitchy and sharp with a soft undercurrent and thankfully I feel that this has been effectively translated in the end piece. Knowing the musician personally I wanted to achieve a literal interpretation of my thought process and hopefully his, rather than bending the track into something that would allow me to create within my comfort zone. You can listen to the track in the player below.