OneFiveEight Beginnings

OneFiveEight started as a collection of like minded folk, looking for new ways to collaborate artistically – or simply create great parties together. This went on to spawn various club nights across the northwest and culminated in the creation of the Herbal Sessions Soundsystem.

Herbal Sessions Soundsystem

From Super Clubs to Caribbean Social Clubs and Free Parties to Major Festivals – The Herbal Sessions DJs provided the tracks at a huge range of events from 2008-2014. Although Herbal Sessions is no longer running, most of it’s founding members have continued to DJ, become Sound Engineers, Producers or simply music fanatics.

Underground Creative Exhibitions

Club nights, music and parties created the bond between the members of OneFiveEight, but creativity originally brought us together, so we went on to curate several Exhibitions in venues across Manchester. These events were underground gatherings of unknown artists, and offered a platform for new talent to be highlighted in the city.

Often booze fuelled and loud, these exhibitions were far from the stuffy elitist nature of galleries and museums.

OneFiveEight on Reform Radio

This brings us to the present where the OneFiveEight DJs have found their spiritual home – Friday nights 7-9pm, bi-weekly on Reform Radio. The show is a condensed Friday night party, with MrBreen, Vague David and the Kweefster mixing from brokenbeats through to dance floor boogie – joined by various other members of the collective including Calcutta, James Hayes, Joe Sope and Raikes Parade to name but a few.

The OneFiveEight collective continue to promote creativity through our website. We are available for DJ bookings, Festivals, Mural Painting, Illustration, Laser Cutting, PA Hire or Walking Dogs.