Herbal Sessions

Raikes Parade - Live in Session 2011 (Promo live set)

Herbal Sessions Soundsystem

Members of the OneFiveEight collective have been organising Herbal Sessions club nights since 2006. From the smokey back room of a Blackpool rock venue to the, now well established, parties at Manchester’s finest music venues and festivals. The Herbal vibes have been spread far and wide.

With our now legendary hand built Soundsytem the manifesto is simple; Bass, Barminess and Booty shaking vibes. Defining the genres and styles of music played at a Herbal Sessions club night is a pointless exercise. Our tastes and preferences are constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant, the music we play is made for the dancefloor.

The Herbal Sessions Resident DJs have played at a wide range of Festivals and Events across the UK including: Beatherder, Kendal Calling, Sounds From The Other City and Many More. If you’d like to book any of our residents, get in touch.

The Resident DJs

Sick Astley

Herbal Sessions regular representative playing anything from beats & boogie to straight up bass heavy house and techno. Never expect the expected and you wont be disappointed.

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Luke’s sets are an unpredictable mix of genres and styles, but one thing is certain, his selections will keep you on the dance floor into the early hours.

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Lost Property

Jungle runs through this man’s veins.

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Liquid D&B vibes methodically mixed.

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Raikes Parade

Incorporating live instrumentation with digital production techniques. He works closely with Herbal Sessions soundsystem, OneFiveEight, Gnod & Nucleus Roots.

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Joe Sope

From Hip-Hop to Psych, the Sope will have you wigging out with the best of them.

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Manchester based producer and DJ specialising in Mind Bending Electronica.

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Jude plays a soulful mix of Reggae, Hip-hop and Funk. Perfect sunshine vibes for festivals and free parties.

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Carl Brown

Musician/Producer and occasional selector. Interested, enticed and severely obsessed by noise, however organized it is.

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