American RV Adventure, Austin Texas 2013

So myself and a couple of friends visited the US in mid december starting in NYC we then travelled to Houston, Texas to meet some friends who recently relocated there. After a few days exploring Houston we set set off in an RV across Texas through into Louisiana. These images are of a weekend stay in Austin, Texas. We were staying in an RV park less than a couple of miles from the centre of the city this was our first stop on the trip. It was a pretty eye opening taste of life in an RV. Seeing a 40 ft RV towing an SUV bigger than most European cars of that ilk was pretty bonkers and apparently just what a retired couple and their dog needed. There were a mix of shapes & sizes and even a handful of the Airstream trailers which looked classy in amongst the road monsters that seemed to dominate the trailer parks that we saw here and throughout the rest of our trip. Highlights of the Texan capital would have to include welcoming locals, 10 piece afro beat band Hard Proof, eating mushrooms in the car park, Epic jumbo jenga with large measure of booze penalty, Brass bands, Peter Pan min golf to name a few. These were shot on an really old roll of Fuji Reala. I have several rolls still to come and a pile of images from the DSLR to work through.

Suz,Matt&Amanda Austin Texas Double Exposure 35mm Fuji Reala

Amanda Ford Super Duty RV

Putt Putt Austin Texas Double exposure Fuji Reala

Putt Putt Austin Mini Golf Double Exposure Fuji Reala

Putt Putt Austin Min Golf Double Exposure Fuji Reala

Gaze RV Austin Texas Freeway

Freeway Austin texas

America Freeway Double Exposure Fuji Reala

Back + Front Double Exposure Austin Texas Fuji Reala

Bloody Mary Salad Vegetables

Jenga Topple

Letter To America