Infected By Design

Infected By Design ran with the OneFiveEight crew from the early days at Palatine Road HQ and still resides in Blackpool town, now spreading the Infection from NW Baseline Studio which he runs as part of a 3space programme, alongside  other artists Catch-22, Lowdown, He Dreamt Mars, Robin Ross, Pintura Wallbanger and @1, making up the Homegrown Collective & Friends.

Whilst strongly linked to the OneFiveEight and all their endeavours in Manchester, Preston and the growing number of festivals and events over the years, his own efforts in Blackpool are starting to pay off and have opened up bigger opportunities for himself, other artists and the community.

As a product of OCD and with a Posca paint pen lodged in his hand most of the time, his Infections are made up on the spot from his subconscious or free will, bringing to life organically fused biomech creatures and techy, patterned landscapes with bold colours and lines so neat, they cause him pain!

In 2013 you can catch Infected By Design exhibiting work at OneFiveEight’s own Expo2 at Islington Mill Manchester, NW Baseline Studio Blackpool, Alfresco Family Event ft. Mr Scruff, Upfest in Bristol and Sand, Sea & Spray.  See below for links.

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Alfesco – Blackpool

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