James Hayes

When i was a nipper everybody always told me i had a talent for drawing, there was never a day i didn’t have a crayon or a felt tip pen in my hand. My future was pretty much written for me.

I mainly work in my sketchbook and with ink and pencil. I have a real love for  illustration, photography, painting, graphic design and web development although not necessarily in that order. Im a manchester based illustrator and graphic designer,  I’m interested in photo manipulation in Photoshop and often use Photoshop to layouts illustrations or create colourful flyers.

I’ve got a keen interest in Screen printing, I have a small set up in my house and like to experiment when I have a design I’m happy enough to run with. I keep building my experience with screen printing and soon hoping to get enough money to get a printing carousel which is essential for multiple colour prints. I’m hoping to design a series of multiple colour prints over the next few months.

For more of my work please visit my website http://www.james-hayes.co.uk/