Joe Smith

I’m a photographer, illustrator and DJ based in Manchester. I have a real love for analogue processes and hardware but that’s not say I don’t spend an unhealthy amount of my time in front of a computer. Often marrying analogue & digital processes. I like to scrawl on walls, on paper, but if I’m honest I make a better photographer. I’ve been actively taking photos now for nearly fifteen years. I started with an old Ricoh SLR my Grandad gave me when I was 14 (it still gets used to this day) but I didn’t really begin to take serious interest until I discovered cross processing expired slide film in my fist year of university. Since then I’ve gone digital but by no means exclusively as I still favour the aesthetic and processes involved with film so I shoot as many rolls of it as possible. The DSLR has proved practical in many of the night club & gig situations I’ve taken it too and as a result I’ve documented events that we’ve collectively hosted/organised for the past 6 years. The bulk of my digital photographic work has been portrait based be it photos of clubbers, bands or DJS. I’m currently shooting more 35mm film than ever before in a bid to explore and further understand the origins of certain digital effects. Further Examples of my work can be found here.