Devonshire Primary Academy – Mural

This was my latest school murals job, done in collaboration with my fellow artist SECA, AKA Christian Fenn.

The school is Devonshire Primary Academy in Blackpool and their logo is a beehive.  The building itself is actually designed in hexagon shapes and this runs throughout.

We were asked to come in and do an assembly for the children to show them previous examples of our work and they were then asked to think up and create designs that could be painted on the wall of the school.  So many good ideas were created and so many mad ones! In the end, they decided it would be good to have the walls painted like it was a giant beehive.  We went away with photos and measurements of the walls and worked out how big each hexagon would be and worked out the colours we would need to go through the spectrum.  We came up with a price quote for the job including our time, materials, scaffolding etc and presented it to the headmaster (who was about to retire).

We were given the go ahead and started work in the summer holidays so there wouldn’t be many people about to get in the way.  Its a simple design and once we got the first hexagon on it was a case of lining up the next ones and using a spirit level to keep it all straight.  It was tough in parts, being up the scaffolding and one holding the large stencil whilst one sprayed! we took it in turns along the way.  The way the stencil were cut, we could fill one in and get the lines marked off for the others around it.

They were more than pleased with the end result and are looking at getting us back in to paint some more on the front of the building.

David Healy AKA Infected By Design