Expo:01 – Review

On the 9th February 2013 the OneFiveEight collective held our first exhibition at Kraak in Manchester. The event consisted of an exhibition and music event showcasing the latest work from our artists, musicians and friends.

A wide range of styles that represent a broad spectrum of talents were on show at the event. Artwork included Photography, Illustration, Installations and Audio Visual projects from:

  • Luke Breen
  • Joe Smith
  • Heather Fitt
  • Joe Ford
  • Josh Horsley
  • Dan Birbeck
  • Bill Posters
  • Mike Newton
  • Sally Gilford
  • Infected By Design
  • Kerry Howarth
  • Tasha Whittle
  • Helen Peart
  • Mary Stark
  • James Hayes
  • Suk Ninmyo
  • Irek Tankpetrol

After the exhibition our Musicians and DJ’s took centre stage with a Manchester debut for Foreign Floods and exclusive material from Raikes Parade.

“The first thing that struck me was the range of artwork on display, from photography to screen-printing, fine-line drawing to an audio-visual project at the back of the room. This was the work of an art collective that have been together since 2006 but have only just put together their first exhibition, but it was an exhibition that was worth the wait.”

David W T Powell – more mind guff

Thanks to Ashleigh Grice for the footage, check out her you tube channel.

Thanks to everyone involved and anyone who turned up. We have been truly humbled by the amazing feedback we’ve had and we’ve already started making plans for the next event. Here’s to many more.