Jacknife Posters

This week I tried my first screen printing session from scratch, and when I say from scratch I mean it. We built the frames, stretched the screen and exposed a two layer design that I had hand drawn using fine liners. After a few dodgy pulls of the squeegee we managed to print some good designs.

When researching for this project I stumbled upon Jacknife Posters,  a Bristol based screen printing studio that create posters for bands and festivals. Their multi layered designs are amazing, the colours and line work are specificaly designed with the medium in mind.

Jacknife posters

You can see more posters from the Jacknife studio on their website, www.jacknifeposters.com

You can see the out come of my screen printing session at OneFiveEight Expo:01 on the 9th of February, find out more information on our events page.