Kickin’ It – Making a screen printed poster

For the OneFiveEight collective’s recent third exhibition, Expo:03 , each artist was given a track to create a visual response to. I was given a short Hip-Hop piece by local Mancunian MCs; Noel Edge & Seymour. “Bucket List” features on the Bumnotes EP, a conceptual piece that focuses on a character’s uncontrollable binge on drugs and alcohol. Each track progressively follows the character down an uncontrollable spiral. All profits from the sales of this EP will be donated to the SHELTER charity.

As a response to this I wanted to create a piece of artwork that could be reproduced and sold to help raise funds for this very worthy cause. I had always wanted to try screen printing posters, and as far as I was aware, it is fairly straight forward. Or so I had thought…

Stage 1 – The Design

I hand drew my design using pencils and charcoal before scanning it in to photoshop. From there I used halftones to give the illustration a comic book style that I feel matches the song well.

Stage 2 – Exposing The Screens


Stage 3 – Printing

Buy this Screen Print

This design is available to purchase in our online shop. 50% of all sales will go to SHELTER and each 2 colour screen print is signed and numbered by the artist. Luke Breen