Mr Breen’s Best Of 2015

Silhouettes – Floating Points

After what seemed like a lifetime, Floating Points (AKA Sam Shepherd) released Elaenia his debut album, and in my opinion it did not disappoint. Bringing a level of intricacy to the Ambient Electronica scene only possible by an artist with a neuroscience PhD. The whole album is sublime, it blurs the lines between Jazz and Electronica with an ambience that floats through the music effortlessly.

I’ve chosen the track Silhouettes, partly for the music, but also for the amazing video work. An abstract piece using light paintings in an alien landscape that truly represents the music in an incredible way.

Cheer Up My Brother – HNNY

Released towards the beginning of 2015 was a beautiful album called ‘Sunday’ by the producer HNNY (pronounced honey). As the name suggests the album floats through rolling early morning beats and sublime soulful samples that make it the ideal choice for a Sunday morning after the night before.

‘Cheer Up My Brother’ uses a rolling sample that washes over you with a feeling of joy that only music can bring. If you’ve not got this album, buy it and use it as an integral part of your hang over recovery method.

Roots – Romare

Romare released ‘Projections’ in February 2015, another album full of tracks that take samples and influence from the producer’s travels across Europe and Africa.

‘Roots’ is one of the heavier tracks from the album. It builds with with a bass heavy loop that makes it an ideal floor filler for an earlier club set.

Malukayi – Mbongwana Star

This track made it on to my favourite tunes of this year for two reasons, the first being my love of Thumb Pianos, the second is because of Mbongwana Star’s stand out performance at the Womad festival was a highlight performance from the Live Music I was lucky enough to experience in 2015.

Gatekeeper – ESKA

Even before her surprise Mercury nomination, ESKA was one of my favourites for 2015. This song, ‘Gatekeeper’, really shows her amazing vocal range. I’ve included this video as it really shows how good she is live. ESKA is another artists I was lucky enough to experience first hand this year, and I highly recommend you try and do the same in 2016. There’s lots more to come from her I expect.

Kumu – DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko

Baba Sissoko has been on my radar for a while, Born in Bamako (Mali), Baba Sissoko is the undisputed master of tamani (a drum like instrument). The 2015 collaboration between Baba and Producer DJ Khalab is something special. With a Minimal Techno backdrop, Khalab paints a whole new picture using Baba’s traditional African vocal style.

Heavy On The Bacon – Fouk

Anyone that has caught me spinning tunes at The Font in Chorlton this year will have probably caught me mixing this dance floor nugget. I know little about it other than it’s by Daniel and Hans, a due from the Netherlands who go by the name of ‘Fouk’. If you like this, get yourself to the Font in Chorlton on New Years Eve, the OneFiveEight lot will be spinning selections all night.