Mr Breen’s Top 14 Tunes of 2014

OK so I know we’re nearly 1 month into 2015 already, but better late than never. Here are 14 of my favourite tunes from 2014.

There’s a mixed bag, which if you know me represents my taste pretty well. There’s a bunch of well known tunes that I’ve enjoyed hearing a lot of on the radio, like “Bonobo’s – Flashlight”, but there’s also new discoveries like “Nubiyan Twist”, a 12 piece outfit from Leeds that I can’t get enough of. I’ve also made sure to include a bunch of dance floor bangers like “Leon Vynehall’s – It’s just (House of Dupree)” that I’ve been loving to play in my DJ sets this year.

Have a listen and let us know your top 14 tunes of 2014.