Mr Kobo – Volume 1

Mr Kobo is a North Wales based Artist & Illustrator who is quickly gaining recognition for his unique & imaginative artwork. His distinct & contemporary illustrations are created using pen & ink to acheive smooth and flowing linework as well as graphite to produce delicate and subtle tones. Whilst his bolder and brighter painted works are created in varying combinations of spray paint, acrylics, and emulsion on various surfaces from canvas to wall. He has also recently started to become accomplished in the art of wood burning, a medium which lends itself beautifully to his style.

Mr Kobo pencil drawing 1 kobo_drawing2 kobo_wood1 kobo_wood2

The images he creates contain strong symbolic elements and are typically orientated around a central characer. Some express his personal experiences in life, whilst others are based upon inspiring myths and legends. Many are also heavily influenced by the people he has met throughout his journey through life.