The World of Benjamin Rivers Fletcher

I’ve never formally studied art but I’ve drawn and written poetry since I was very young and as I’ve got older drawing and writing have remained my favourite hobbies. I’ve recently made the long-meditated decision to step up my creative pursuits to a professional standard, rather than just a hobby, and one of the ways I’ve set about doing this is to start a blog to exhibit my work which I’ve been updating pretty much daily since I made it.

When James Hayes told me that he liked my work and asked me if I would like to feature on the OneFiveEight website I was overjoyed because I really, really like any of James’s pieces that I’ve seen (so it was amazing to get such positive feedback from him) and because I have been aware of the OneFiveEight collective for a while and really love most of the work I‘ve seen on the site and so it’s a true honour to be asked to have my work displayed next to some incredible art.

The pieces I’ve created here were all put together since James’ asked me about to feature on the site about a week ago. I hope you like what you see and please check out my blog @